Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Plum crazy.

Just a little preview of the color palette for Fini now. Plums, Burgundies, Bordeaux's. Rich hues that are standout, yet work well with so many neutrals.

The above bags from Tano, are some of our favorites. The Spanish leather is tanned in such a way colors emerge deeply saturated, looking yummy enough to eat.

Plus, they assign funny names to every bag. Pictured is "Hi Low Pedigree", and "Summer's Here".

More colors and styles are expected to arrive in the next few weeks.

Come by and pluck your favorite.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Matt and Nat present Samsara.

Coming soon....Samsara. The new sister line from Matt and Nat. Same great looks, same vegan "leather", great new prices.

Due to arrive in late July/early August. A very small amount has been allotted to the U.S , though we have been lucky to get a great selection.
We'll post again when they arrive.
Come by and have a look. Fini will be the only place in the area where they can be had......

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

shop just like a french person

While I am sure there are one stop shopping establishments in France, it is a romantic notion to imagine an entire country filling their straw basket with ingredients for dinner every night at the local open air market.

Let us help you shop like an imaginary French person with our palm reed straw baskets.Tough as nails, [mine is on it's sixth summer and still looks as good as the day I got it] practical,and earth friendly. Not to mention crazily stylish. And rumored to be the exact baskets used in above mentioned markets.

Take one shopping in the Pike Place Market, just steps from our store.
Accent optional.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The cutest little zippered pouches. Ever.

It makes me happy to organize my handbags. It makes switching them out so much easier when all the contents are in small bags.
It makes me very happy when the small bags are adorable.
Enter Lassiez Lucile Faire, a French designer who creates limited edition zippered pouches. Colorful,practical works of art, tucked inside your bag.

Friday, June 12, 2009

I know it's still Springtime but.....

...I am so excited for Fall!  We have found some of the most beautiful knits ever from both some old friends and some lovely new ones.  Wooden Ships is fantastic, Pema has added cashmere, Tara Handknits did the cutest stripes and polka dots and Kinross Cashmere is as luscious as it always is!  Look for two new local designers who are working with recycled sweaters creating arm warmers and scarves that we're totally high on.  Handbags were also great for this Fall ... Tano did gorgeous color and we are very proud to be introducing Samsara to our area (in July), a new division of Matt and Nat.   We also are waiting for a July delivery on the new Urban Junket canvas convertible bags  in fantastic saturated colors.  We will be posting pix of all of these ASAP!   

Come fly with me.....

Traveling is not what it used to be.The romance is gone, most would say.We have found a tiny slice of that romance in the form of Pan-Am vintage travel bags. Reproduced in loving detail, these bags harken to an era when air travel was a swinging affair. Come check out all the styles and colors, and grab one for your next trip.
We are thrilled the arrival of these bags coincides with the World Premiere of the musical Catch Me If You Can, opening this July at the 5th Avenue Theatre.

Alix Bluh Jewelry

Jeweler Alix Bluh is one of our new favorites. We're particularly drawn to her Relics Collection, which sets stone under quartz with 18k accents and oxidized sterling.  

Alix comes from a true bohemian family; her godfather + namesake was Alexander Calder, a sculptor and mobile artist from the 1960's.  

Because these pieces are entirely handmade, each piece is unique - no two pieces will ever be the same.  Come visit us to see these pieces and other works of art by our featured jewelers.


The ladies of Fini Seattle welcome you to our new blog! In the coming weeks we'll be creating new content sharing some of our items available here. We'll feature new items, specials for our readers, and a look at our favorite things. In the meantime, come visit us in person at 86 Pine, Inn at the Market.

Until then, happy almost-summer.


Fini Seattle