Friday, August 28, 2009

Better than a kitten!!

Well, almost. The ladies of Fini are jetting off to Vegas to troll through five enormous accessory shows in four days.

The new, the unique, the one of a kind. We will leave no handbag unturned in our quest to find just what you are looking for.
Wish us luck, and stay tuned for reports on what we unearthed and when you can expect to see them at Fini.

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Perfect earring....

What makes a perfect earring? The color of the stone? The length in relation to your neck and hairline? Maybe it's an earring that goes with everything you own, or never feels dated,no matter how long you've loved it.

Taolei may just be the ones you have been searching for.
Loads and loads of colors and styles.
Long and sweeping to simple and compact.
And priced in that sweet spot of not "which one", but "how many"?
Soonest in gets the best selection-as seasoned Fini shoppers know-They will be gone before you know it.......

Monday, August 17, 2009

We said they were coming,now they're here!

A while back we talked about Matt and Nat's new Line, Samsara.
Same Vegan philosophy, paired with great quality and style. Now new low prices to go with the spanking new bags.

If you are a fan of Matt and Nat, you and your wallet will love Samsara.
Only a small amount have been allocated to the States, and Fini is the only place in Western Washington you can find them.
Come by and have a look while they last.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

When bigger ISN'T better

Fragrance is a very, very individual thing. What is heaven to one person, is potential hell to another. And nothing makes you feel less unique than smelling "your" fragrance on three other people as you walk down the street.( And if you can smell them as you walk down the street, they are wearing too much.But that's another post.)

The small perfumer solves this. The lovely fragrances by Sage are small batch, unique, and only the best ingredients are used.
With as many as nine different oils blended per fragrance, they react differently to each wearer. While the Blood orange may dominate on you, my chemistry might pick up the tobacco flower or lime leaf.
The perfumes are designed to compliment each other, so layering two or more fragrances yields an even more one of a kind result.
The compact bottles with roll on tops go wherever you want them to go.

Small perfumer, small output, small bottles.  BIG impact.

Just follow the rule that your fragrance should only be smelled by someone hugging you. Too much of a good thing is just a bad thing.

Ring a ding- ding

Great big chunky cocktail rings. They look so cool and sophisticated pressed up against the stem of your Martini glass. Hand gestures cannot be ignored by others when wearing one.

Large-ish Man Hands appear petite when wearing a Mount Everest scaled ring. (Trust me.)

A new arrival of Ollipop rings are now in. vintage in feel. Open backed for comfort and adjustability. Bold scale for those who want to be noticed.

You want to be noticed, right?