Saturday, September 26, 2009

Zoe and Sage our new jewelry crush

We have a monster crush on these necklaces.

We started flirting with them at one of the accessory shows we attended in Vegas.

We eyed them, walked around the booth a little. Tried to play it cool and left.
Then came right back.

You'll do the same thing we did.
Don't think you won't.
You will.

look for Zoe and Sage necklaces to hit the shelves of Fini in a couple of weeks.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dog Tired....

Many shows later, many miles later, we are back on the job at sweet Fini. Planning and plotting what shall come in, and when.

A lot of good, a little of bad, and more than a little ugly was sifted through to bring you what we think might be one of the most exciting Fall/ Winter collections to date.
So sit back , hold onto your hats, (fedora,please) and watch the posts roll in- along with the new merchandise.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Haute Goat

What could it be,you may ask? Some kind of exotic candy? A modern art print of some kind? Maybe a salami gone terribly wrong?

No.Wrong. Incorrect.

You are feasting your eyes on Haute Goat reclaimed cashmere scarves. the brainchild of Seattle native Heidi Kappes Belinksy.

One of a kind. Coming to Fini tomorrow. Come get yours soon.

The selection is always best before the chill hits the air.