Sunday, September 26, 2010

The flowers of Autumn.

Our clever pals at Espe have combined the flowers of Spring with the colors of Fall in their new crop of wallets.

Unexpected, yes. Delightful? Most certainly. The rich tones in the body of the wallet ground the pastels used in the flowers.
What could have been cutesy is instead a little off kilter cool.

Loads of color ways in several different sizes. All in Espes' legendary tough as nails Vegan material.

Your wallet is the item from your handbag that gets seen the most. Make it count.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

All hail McQueen

A new color from Butter London nail polish has just launched, Honoring the late, great Alexander McQueen.

A little more golden than the famed "Yummy Mummy", a little lighter than "Fash pack" (Got to love the names they come up with) . Just an all around great neutral That is far from neutral.
I hear this is one of their limited edition polishes, so come claim yours while you still can.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Meet George, Gina, and Lucy.

Limited edition nylon bags from George, Gina, and Lucy have just arrived.
Slavishly collected, the first run of 1,500 nylon bags sold out in days when launched in 2004.

Beautifully designed and executed, with a pocket for every need you may have. And every one comes with a strap so you can wear it longer or cross body style

And get this-they are machine washable. WHAT? I KNOW!!

Call, email, or come by the old fashioned way and check them out.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Manly, yes. But ladies like them too.

These Espe wallets are a little masculine.
Or one might say, tailored. Perhaps restrained in the detailing.
Autumnal in the tonal pairings.

Well, the truth is they are men's wallets, OK?
Men's wallets that women love. The scale, the interior detailing, the subtle coloring, it all works.
Our Fini pick is the card case the opens up like an old school razor phone.
Supplies are dwindling, because even though I put up the "no boys allowed" sign, they are coming in and buying them for themselves.
Hurry and get yours before they hog them all.

Matt and Nat: the OG of Vegan bags.

New Matt and Nat Handbags for Fall have arrived at Fini.

They look like leather, but they're not. That's because they have been perfecting the look and finish of the materials used for years. Because style and function never take a back seat with these thoughtfully designed bags. Because they are produced in fine handbag factories.

Long gone is the notion that if it not a leather bag, it is not a well made bag. The designers of Matt and Nat are pioneers of this idea. An idea we take for granted today.

Come check out the new designs for Fall, maybe take one home. Enjoy the feeling of carrying an original. Just like yourself.