Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall color goodness

Why do our customers love Tano made bags so much? Seriously, calls come into Fini from all over the country and beyond, looking for that coveted bag.
It could be the smart design. Straps that hit in just right places. Bright colored interiors that mean no more groping for your keys. The big bags that are just big enough, the small ones that still manage to hold all you need.

Perhaps it's the Spanish leather. It's soft and buttery, but really durable.

Who am I kidding? People love these bags so much because of the gorgeous colors Spanish tanned leather is able to achieve. Saturated. Rich.
That, and the surprisingly modest price for said bag.
I have one in chocolate brown and it is awesome.
Jealous? Don't be. You can have one of your own.
A large delivery arrives in four days.
Begin countdown......

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Strappy+ studded = sexy

We love the watches of Tokyo Bay. Well made, beautifully designed, always gets you there on time.

The latest batch to hit Fini's shelves this Fall have really hit a home run. A terrific rustic/urban feel to them.

Smooth and rough. Sophisticated and simple. Contradictions working together to keep people guessing.

Honest hewn leather straps with a little tie me up tie me down thrown in for good measure.

Phone time is for squares. Strap some watch time on.
See?" Everything old is new again" feels good, doesn't it?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Light as a pair of paperwings.

The problem with some delicate jewelry, is it tends to disappear when you put it on. Between folds of clothing, behind locks of hair.

It seemed like such a good idea when you held it up and admired it.
But it completely loses all impact once on your body.

Meet Paperwings, The Jewelry line fresh out of Portland. Dainty as a Ballerina's curtsy, that somehow packs a wallop when you put it on.

Gold and oxidized silver mix to give a look that is timeless, effortless, and truly feels as if you have nothing on at all.
A small but choice collection now in. Get yours before they fly away home with someone else.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Presto change-o

Clever reversible knits now in at Fini.

Mid- weight, so they are not too hot to wear now. Blended with uber-soft space age material, so they are not scratchy.
The watch caps look great on men. (We won't tell anybody you got it at a lady store).

Coordinating gloves that you can text in also available.
It only seems like magic.
It's not.
It's just good design.