Saturday, January 29, 2011

Act like a lady

New spring watches from Tokyo Bay have arrived, hot off the design presses.
One of the designs we are liking quite a bit is a style they call "Doily".
Can you guess why they call it Doily? Are you familiar with the word "doily"?
O.K., I have written it and said it too many times in my head, and it sounds weird.

It looks like a lace pattern done over the top in one of the four colors pictured.
Quartz battery operated, leather band, great warranty. Eighty dollars.

Ladylike, but with a fresh mouth on it. Kind of like my friend Dustin.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wild horses

There is something about a bold photographic image of a horse that really gets me, lately.

Wall sized prints are popping up in the hippest homes in design magazines. Profile, three quarter, or dead on stares of these noble beasts. I can't turn away when I see them.

Dutch company Present Time has done a great rendition-a glass backed photo image that doubles as a timepiece. Hang one on your wall and daydream about cantering through a field, collecting a ribbon for "best seat", or chatting up Mr. Ed.
A very current, very cool statement.
And at only forty five dollars, you can afford a stable full.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


It was out of stock for months, I do not exaggerate. We waited all summer long, our heels dry and cracked. We waited through the Fall, our elbows patchy and ashen. We hoped it might arrive for the holidays, in time to rub an entire stick over our entire carcass, dried out by central heating. Nope.

But with a new year comes optimism and hope, and our beloved stiletto stick
from Butter London.

It is miraculous. Dry skin disappears in a flash. And stays gone.

I think it must be made from the tears of Unicorns, because it can be scarce.
But it is in stock now, so come and get it.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Mr Bitey says it's time for a big sale.

It only happens twice a year, and Mr. Bitey says the first one of 2011 commences this Friday, January 7th.

Handbags from Matt and Nat, Hobo and Tano, 20-60% off. Kinross cashmere, knits from Carolina Amato, Wooden Ships, and Echo, 20-70% off. All Holiday merchandise half off.

Come by this week before the sale breaks and mention our blog, we'll give you some sale prices before the general public gets the word.

It's because we love you the best. (But let's not tell the others, it will just make them feel bad.)