Saturday, June 30, 2012



Oh! OK.

Oh My.

WOW that's a lot of George, Gina and Lucy bags, you may be thinking.
 For ordinary bags, yes.
But not for this line.
 These, and the other 20 or so not shown may last until the end of the week.

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  1. 07/14/13

    The FINI Store : My wife and I had a very short visit to Seattle, we were staying at The Inn at the Market, and had a very early flight on Sunday morning ( 6:45am ). While wanting for our car to come around my wife Pamela spotted one of those GGL bags in Aqua Blue, she commented on how nice it looked and how well made it looked, myself I am saying thank you for being 6:45am, Ha,Ha... Anyway when we
    get back home I waited to Wed. found FINI phone asked the lady from the store about the blue bag in there front window and she said the window was change on Monday, I said your kidding, and Mrs. Peggy said no sir I am not, I said the bag was going to be a surprise for my wife but now I was not sure what to do, so Mrs. Peg said Irv if you want I will take afew photo's of the Aqua Blue bags we have lift and you can see if it is still in stock, i said that will work, well there were more then one blue bag, had to tell the wife I wanted to surprise you but can't see if the bag you want happens to be in any of these photo's and she said that's it, and picked #1 out of 3# photo's sent, we call Mrs. Peggy and placed the order, it was a true working with Peggy from FINI, hope to meet her on our next visit to Seattle, no one has ever told me about the hills in your city, remember New Orleans is below sea level... Thank You I.B.