Friday, January 4, 2013

Fini and GG&L Luggage hit In Style Magazine!

George Gina and Lucy, those marvels of German engineering and style, have launched an amazing line of luggage.
Tough as nails and head turning style make for luggage you won't be ashamed to carry on! (Or check, or stow, you get the picture
And guess who are the only ones to have them in the USA?
If you guessed us, you would be correct!

Looking for something fresh to go with you on your winter vacation? Wanting a piece of luggage to go with that awesome GG&L handbag you recently snagged? Here is where you find it, and now is your chance.
Seasoned GG&L fans know styles and colors are limited in everything they produce, so pounce on this one while you can.
Email us at and we will arrange to have one drop shipped right to your door.

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