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      A word from our Founder:

      After doing my time at Nordstrom, the late, great Frederick and Nelson and small boutiques I realized that nobody was giving the love to favorite part of  fashion!  This started a long planning process and two years later, Fini was born. Over 30 years have passed and  we are still going strong and having just as much fun as ever!  The business is ever year it's all about jewelry, the next it's scarves, the next perhaps handbags.  It's an excellent business for someone (like me) with a short attention span!   Happily, 23 years ago my sister Peggy joined me in the insanity and we have been having a blast curating Fini's collections ever since.   It's been a joy working together and working with all of you!

      And a word from my Sister:
      Walking into a shop filled with great things makes your spine tingle a little, right?   When you sweep your eyes over the place and just KNOW you are going to find exactly what you are looking for (and probably a few things you didn't know you were looking for!).
      We love that feeling too, and do our best to create that in Fini.
      We scour the globe to find the perfect accessory to finish your outfit, the exact right gift for your best friend, or that little something to give you a lift on a retail therapy day.
      If you are reading this, you love and support small independent businesses. Thank you for that. We love you too!
      It also means you love the unique, the unusual. You love to be the girl with the bag nobody has seen before.
      Our mission is  to find those "it" items for you.
      Something you haven't seen before.
      Something you'll fall in love with again and again every time you look at it, use it or wear it.