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      The Puget Sound Quilt.

      Emily made these quilts as a mnemonic tool for her Mother, who was losing her sight.
      60x72 inches of handmade quilty goodness.
      We have very limited stock in the shop, but are told there will be more available in June.
      Pre- order now, if you can't get to the shop before they are gone.

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      It's about time.

      A new watch for a New Year. This one from Tokyo Bay is a real workhorse, that will not let you down.
      Run late all you want, it will never judge you.
      (Although, the same can't be guaranteed of your friends.)

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      Just in case.

      Everybody can use a do-over, a mulligan, a repeat every once in a while. The ping of this cheery bell reminds you that life is full of second chances.

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