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      News — Dead stock guitar strap bracelets.

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      Remember that time?

      Remember that time we got those bracelets in the shop?

      You know, the ones made from guitar strap fabric from the 60's and 70's ?

      They find it in long forgotten warehouse space. It called "dead stock".

      And they lined them in colorful seat belt fabric to give them a little extra body?

      And remember, they were all limited quantity because the fabric is vintage?

      They're back.

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      Dead stock finds new life.

      These colorful bracelets were not meant to be bracelets.
      Fifty years ago when this material was made, it was slung over the sweaty shoulders of bushy haired rock stars.

      This is dead stock fabric once used for Guitar straps. Jimi Hendrix owned one made from the same fabric used to make the bracelets pictured here. Can you guess which one? (Second from top right).
      Channel your inner Acid Rock star and...

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