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      News — straw bags

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      Put a little Provence in your Summer.

      The French love Jerry Lewis, and apparently, quirky patterned straw bags. Said bags, classic to Provence are now in at Fini.

      Dazzling hot colors + a curious argyle pattern = one distinctive bag. Haul your beach gear in it, or your office files and lunch, it doesn't care.

      Two sizes and half a dozen colors to choose from. Add a handy fabric closure at the top, and you may be looking at one of France's...

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      The promise of spring.

      We have been teased with a touch of spring in the air, only to have it snatched away.
      Have faith, dear readers, it will come again.

      Filled with flowers and straw hats, and bare legs drinking pink wine on the deck of The Pink Door.
      Prepare for when the day comes, with a trip to Fini.
      Spring is officially here, in the form of straw bags and hats, in citrus hued leather bags, and enameled flower...

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