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      News — Rob Ryan

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      New designs from Rob Ryan.

       The new Spring offerings of Rob Ryan courtesy of Wild and Wolf have arrived, and are they ever peachy.
      The above are a set of 4 plates, each one depicting one of the four seasons. (Yes, I know, one is missing. Use your imagination.)

       Some very sweet cups done in the same style.
      A set of four darling single  egg cups.
      If you don't eat boiled eggs out of an egg cup, it's high time you started.

      A single...

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      Rob Ryan jumps the pond, lands in Fini!

      There is no reason you should be familiar with the works of Rob Ryan. The Cyprus born paper cut artist with a tiny jewel box shop/ studio in London seems to like to keep things small-ish.

      He has an Etsey shop where you can buy a few odd tiles,some laser cuts, and and some original works. That's about it.

      That is until he agreed to license some of his images onto ceramics with British company Wilde...

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