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      News — Imm Living

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      The most awesome hostess gift you will ever give. (Or receive)

      Keep them guessing when you present this to your Host/Hostess. Let them hem and haw about what they could possibly be.
      Four little white porcelain coats, hmmmm.....
      Imagine the triumph in your voice and the awe in their face when you tell them they are napkin rings!
      Or place card holders.
      Or votive houses.
      Or just 4 tiny, charming, works of art.

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      Crazy little jewelry holders.

      The designers at Imm living have struck again. A fantastic new collection of animal heads, (and tails), just perfect for corralling your jewelry.

      They look great alone.......

      Or paired one atop the other to make a crazy mystery hybrid animal that you get to make up the name for.
      Brabbit? Frunny? Gear?

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      Bell jars with Bunny ears.

      The cutest Bell Jars you have ever seen have just arrived in the shop. Perfect for that little something you want to make feel a bit more special.
      Because everything is more fancy under glass.

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      Hungry Hungry Hippo.

      What will you make your Hippo eat? Some flowers? Pencils? A bunch of leftover Easter candy?

      The fantastical designers at Imm living are at it again, and this wide mouthed Hippo particularly caught our eye.
      Does he catch yours too?

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