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      News — tokyo bay watches

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      It's about time.

      A new watch for a New Year. This one from Tokyo Bay is a real workhorse, that will not let you down.
      Run late all you want, it will never judge you.
      (Although, the same can't be guaranteed of your friends.)

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      Act like a lady

      New spring watches from Tokyo Bay have arrived, hot off the design presses.
      One of the designs we are liking quite a bit is a style they call "Doily".
      Can you guess why they call it Doily? Are you familiar with the word "doily"?
      O.K., I have written it and said it too many times in my head, and it sounds weird.

      It looks like a lace pattern done over the top in one of the four colors pictured.

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      Strappy+ studded = sexy

      We love the watches of Tokyo Bay. Well made, beautifully designed, always gets you there on time.

      The latest batch to hit Fini's shelves this Fall have really hit a home run. A terrific rustic/urban feel to them.

      Smooth and rough. Sophisticated and simple. Contradictions working together to keep people guessing.

      Honest hewn leather straps with a little tie me up tie me down thrown in for good...

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      We interupt this regularly scheduled rain

      O.K. Enough already. Time to fight the rain with some bust out, sunny- summer- sunshine colors. Feast your eyes on the lemons and tangerines.
      Soak in those sherbets and melons. The marmalades, the corals, and oh, those salmons!

      Wrap them around your wrist. Tote your money and cards inside them. Sling them on your shoulder. Use them to keep the rain off your head.

      Use them to lift your spirits. (...

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