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      Fall colors through the eyes of GG&L.

      Sleek and industrial, tough as nails, and in some Fall colors that will break your heart.

      German born handbags, George Gina and Lucy have been a favorite around here for a few seasons now.

      Great original design, and very limited distribution in the USA makes for a bag that turns heads wherever you take it.

      I have consoled some very sad customers who have come in to purchase their bag after seeing it...

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      Fall George Gina and Lucy handbags.

      Fall is here and so are the first crop of George Gina and Lucy handbags.
      The colors are more muted than the summer offerings, but the foundations are the same.

      They are lightweight. They are incredibly durable. And they are machine washable.
      Yes you heard me, machine washable.

      I didn't mention crazy stylish, because you can see that for yourself.

      They also do verylimited runs of colors and styles per...

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