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      News — German made bags

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      Going, going, almost gone.

      Spring/Summer George Gina and Lucy bags have landed in the store, but supplies are scarce.

      A limited amount of styles and colors are produced every season, just to keep us wanting more.

      When our stock is sold, chances are slim more will be available.
      Goodbye to "Poppy me", "Pistachio risotto", "Watermelon seed", and all the other bright, bold hues they have come up with this season.

      These German made,...

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      Meet George, Gina, and Lucy.

      Limited edition nylon bags from George, Gina, and Lucy have just arrived.
      Slavishly collected, the first run of 1,500 nylon bags sold out in days when launched in 2004.

      Beautifully designed and executed, with a pocket for every need you may have. And every one comes with a strap so you can wear it longer or cross body style

      And get this-they are machine washable. WHAT? I KNOW!!

      Call, email, or come by...

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