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      News — cashmere

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      If a softest contest were held......

      This is a cloud taking shape as a Unicorn.

      This is a puppy hugging a teddy bear.

      This is a pile of puffy marshmallows.

      this is a fluffy kitten in a pile of puffy marshmallows.

      None of these things are softer than our Cashmere, period.
      Sorry fluffy kitten, you lose.

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      We thought these gloves were soooooo cute when we saw them. Bright colors with little gold accents on the thumb and forefinger. Adorable! we'll take some in every color!
      Then we were informed the gold tips had a purpose.

      They allow heat to flow through the material, so you can use your iPhone without removing your gloves.
      Fashion and function, one of our favorite pairings.

      Orange, Red, Mustard,...

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