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      News — Matt and Nat

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      Matt and Nat present Samsara.

      Coming soon....Samsara. The new sister line from Matt and Nat. Same great looks, same vegan "leather", great new prices.

      Due to arrive in late July/early August. A very small amount has been allotted to the U.S , though we have been lucky to get a great selection.
      We'll post again when they arrive.
      Come by and have a look. Fini will be the only place in the area where they can be had......

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      I know it's still Springtime but.....

      ...I am so excited for Fall!  We have found some of the most beautiful knits everfrom both some old friends and some lovely new ones. Wooden Ships is fantastic, Pema has added cashmere, Tara Handknits did the cutest stripes and polka dots and Kinross Cashmere is as luscious as it always is! Look for two new local designers who are working with recycled sweaters creating arm warmers and scarves...

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