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      News — Jeanine Payer

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      Our hearts are heavy.

      In about a week, our final delivery of Jeanine Payer will arrive in the store. After twenty plus years, Jeanine has decided to hang up her very small engraving tool,and close her studio.
      If you have always wanted one of her extraordinary pieces, now is the time. Selections will only get smaller, and opportunists may very well drive up her prices in the future.
      Treat yourself, or someone you love to...

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      The classics endure.

      As we round  the twenty year mark of enjoying designer Jeanine Payer in the shop, we are reminded of some fundamental truths.
      The classics never go out of style.
      Unique design never feels dated.
      Indulge yourself while keeping the above in mind, and you will never have regrets.

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      When you want an original, look no further.

      You may think you have seen a Jeanine Payer hand engraved piece of jewelry before, but most likely not.
      The world is flooded with copycats and wannabes, stamping and casting trite phrases into metal, hoping nobody will be able to tell the difference.

      But once you haveseen the real deal, there is absolutely no mistaking it. Every element handmade, every letter hand engraved. And the scale of the...

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      Fall 2010 Jeanine payer now in.

      Words on jewelery. You think you have seen it. Think again. Most of the time what you see are pale comparisons to the original. And Jeanine Payer my friends, is the original.

      Hand made pieces that are then hand engraved with choice pieces of poetry. Not stamped, not cast, but hand engraved. The result is something so finely crafted, so precise, so tiny, they literally take your breath away.


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